How rice goes from the field to the bag

    Grown in the Camargue between April and October, flooded culture, rice is husked to give complete rice, and finely abraded for white rice.

    Looking for the best product

    The Star Chef Guy Martin came in Camargue choose rice at the height of its requirement: noble beyond taste.

    Without water, no rice, no Camargue

    Water is the key for the life in Camargue. It is essential for rice cultivation, to the good health of the biotopes and the environment of the Rhone Delta.

    All the charms of a unique terroir.

    In the delta of a fiery River lies a preserved terroir that has been tame by men who are cultivating rice from 170 years.

    How rice became Camargue…

    Present in the Camargue from King Henri IV, but really grown since 1943, rice became essential to save the land of the Rhone Delta.